Chinook Nation Tribal Member Ken Reed

Kenneth Reed was born in South Bend, Washington in 1926 and grew up in Bay Center, WA. Ken’s father was the descendant of non-Native pioneers that were born and raised in Bay Center. His mother, Leda Clark, was a Native from Bay Center. She attended the Cushman Indian School in Tacoma, where Native traditions were forbidden. Despite this effort to sever the connection to her Native roots they remained close to his Chinook family. His mother’s parent were Annie Hawks and Loyal Lincoln Clark.

The following photographs show four generations of Ken’s family. A young Ken, at left. To the right is Annie Hawks, Ken’s chitcha, (grandmother) with grandchild. Below are: from left to right: Ken’s nieces Lois Saxton, Gloria Reed Brown, Deenie Celestine along with Deenie’s son Ranzell Sterns at the 2006 Chinook Nation General Council Meeting.





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