George Squamaup, called Skamock

George Squamaup, called Skamock on the 1906 Enrollment, was an expert designer and builder of native watercraft. He was employed in the Wilson and Marion oyster industry as a builder of boats and bateaux, and his son, Joseph “Josie” George, assisted him. Upon the death of Squamaup on March 15, 1910, at the age of 65, his son took over the boat building business, branching out to gasoline launches, then to diesel craft, spanning the whole era from canoe to modern vessels in his lifetime. Many “Josie George” boats are still in use on the ocean and our bay and many of his descendants are still enrolled with the Chinook Indian Nation.
Joseph George, son of the Squamaups, married Belle Bob, daughter of the Salakies, and among their children was the girl, born March 27, 1900 at Bay Center, whom Mrs. Kindred of the Tokeland Hotel had the honor of naming. She chose “Bessie”, the same name given to her own daughter.









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