Chinook Vessel Returns Home

By Rex Rhoades

Part of Bay Center and Chinook history has returned home. The fishing vessel CONDOR has made its way back to its original port of sailing.
The CONDOR is a 46’ wooden boat that was built in 1928 by the famous boat builder Joseph “Josie” George. Josie was a full-blood Chinook Nation member who was born in 1871 and died in 1945. Josie lived his entire life in Bay Center and was the son of George and Margaret Skamock, (Squamaup)... It is unknown how many boats Josie built, but they were all in high demand by the local fisherman and oysterman. To own a “Joseph George” boat was a mark of distinction anywhere on the bay.

Fittingly, the individuals responsible for bringing the CONDOR back to Bay Center are two Chinook Nation members: Herb Frank and Carl Lorton. Carl happens to be the great grandson of Joseph George. Josie is also the father of the famous basket maker Bessie Pickernell. If you are interested in seeing the CONDOR, take a trip to Bay Center where you can view her, moored proudly, at the Bay Center dock.

From the March 2003 Chinook Tilixam







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