Cha’ist was at Tansey Point in 1851 where her husband, Huckswelt, singed the Lower Chinook Treaty

Ch’isht was present at Tansey Point in 1851 where her husband, Huckswelt, singed the Lower Chinook treaty.

She was a fixture in the Bay Center community, and many of her descendants have served on the Chinook Indian Nation’s Tribal Council. These include: Phillip Hawks, Ray Gardner, Sam Robinson, Jessica Porter, Ralph Lorton, Rex Rhodes and Midge Porter.

The following is transcribed from the 1906 McChesney Rolls, STATEMENT NO. 16. STATE OF WASHINGTON, Pacific County, ss: Catherine George, of Bay Center, Washington, being duly sworn, deposes and says she is about 78 years of age and belongs to the Wheelapa band of Chinook Indians. My maiden name was Catharine Was-se-quah. I have been married twice; first time to Tom Hawks, or Huckswelt, a Lower Chinook Indian chief, who was alive in 1851 and one of the signers of the treaty of that year. He died about twenty years ago, aged about 60 years, and left surviving him, myself, Catherine George, his widow, and our children, as follows: John Hawks, son, 50 years old. Bay Center, Wash.; Adam Hawks, son. 45 years old, Granville, Wash.; Josephine Hawks Pope, daughter, 33 years old, Granville, Wash., who are his sole heirs. I am now married to an Indian named Wynooche George. I have no brothers or sisters. I have a half-sister, named Catherine Dawson, living at Bay Center, Wash. I knew Cumcumley, who died many years ago, and he was a chief of the Lower band of Chinooks.







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