Chinook Indian Nation Fish Cleaning Crews

Three Chinook Nation elders (from left to right in front-Norris “Mugs” Petit, Phillip Hawks and Vernon “Doc" Lorton) fillet steelhead in Bay Center, Wahington in July 2015.

This is a typical scene in the Chinook community where many times a year totes of fish arrive at the Tribal office and are prepared by volunteers from the community.

The fish are then distributed to members in need and used in community events and ceremonies.

Here our elders are assisted by friends of the community (left to right in back-Adam McIsaac; Chinookan artist, Kenny Waltman; Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe and Chaska Cory; Pit River Tribe).

A crew cleanng fish for the 2015 First Salmon Ceremony include, from Left to right: Philip Hawks, Ron Pulliam, “Mugs” Petit, Clara Hawks and Rayven Lorton.


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