Alvina Frisbie Scholarship Information and Application

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Incomplete and/or Late Applications CAN NOT Be Accepted! The Alvina Frisbie Scholarship is administered by US Bank and the Chinook Indian Nation. To be eligible for this scholarship applicants must:

  1. Applicant must be an enrolled Chinook Tribal Member for at least one year
  2. Applicant must be a High School Graduate or have earned a General Equivalence Diploma.
  3. Applicant must live in Oregon or Washington or attend a school in Oregon or Washington.
  4. Applicants are required to submit full, current, and accurate information for their personal and/or parental financial situation.

Read this information BEFORE submitting your application.

  1. A “Dependant Student” receives at least 50% of their support from a parent or guardian.
  2. An “Independent Student” supports himself/herself and receives less than 50% support from a parent or guardian.
  3. Your official transcript or grade report must be submitted either by you or your school.
  4. If your school is submitting your grades to U.S. Bank it is your responsibility to make sure it happens before April 5th.
  5. Independent Students: Submit a copy of pages 1 & 2 of most recent federal tax return. If married submit tax returns for yourself and spouse.
  6. Dependent Students: Parents must submit a copy of pages 1 & 2 of the most recent federal tax returns even if they are divorced.
    To emphasize: both parents must submit their tax information. Even if a parent does not actually contribute to the applicants educational expenses, please submit their tax information and then explain your situation. Letters explaining unusual circumstances will be reviewed by the committee (e.g. it looks like my Dad made a lot of money on these taxes, but he’s now unemployed and contributes $0 to my education). These letters will be carefully screened and may require a follow-up call.
  7. Approved Applicants Must: Volunteer a total of 20 hours for the Chinook Indian Nation each year prior to applying for a scholarship. Please review the information, HOW TO FULFILL YOUR FRISBIE SCHOLARSHIP VOLUNTEER HOURS.
  8. You may be asked to participate in a phone interview by the scholarship board.
  9. A student may apply for this scholarship up to four years



Alvina Frisbie Scholarship applicants are required to submit documentation of twenty (20) hours of volunteer service to the Chinook Indian Nation within the past year. The tribe expects students to have some knowledge of our tribal history, culture, and struggles for survival. The Chinook Indian Nation (CIN) survives because of the hard work of our volunteer members. Students will find a wide range of activities to meet this twenty hour requirement. You may write a paper or news article, give a speech, participate in your school’s Native American Program, stand up for Native Rights, work at tribal events and fund raisers, attend and help at meetings, or volunteer to help at the tribal office, or have your own volunteer plan per-approved.
Here are some ideas that may help you more easily meet this requirement. Always contact the tribal office Phone: 1-360-875-6670 - Email the Office or ask who is in charge at the tribal event. Remember that the Frisbie Scholarship Committee wants to help you to be successful. We also want to know you!

(1) Volunteer at the First Salmon Ceremony (the Friday before the Annual Meeting)
  (A) Arrive 2-3 hours before the canoe landing and help with the set up.
  (B) Bring a potluck item that you prepared.
  (C) Assist elders and serve them in a variety of ways.
  (D) Volunteer to help at the sign in table.
  (E) Help with the Ceremony preparation of Salmon and Water.
  (F) Help with loading the Canoe, tribal trailer, and cleanup.
(2) Volunteer at the Chinook Annual Meeting. (the day after First Salmon.)
  (A) Volunteer with the setup of the meeting room. (usually the Wednesday before the meeting)
  (B) Bring a potluck item.
  (C) Serve and help elders who need assistance with drinks, food, etc.
  (D) Help with cleanup of the kitchen and meeting room, etc.
(3) Participate and lend a hand at other tribal events:
  Canoe Journey (late July), Winter Gathering (3rd Saturday in January), Story Gathering (2nd Saturday in March)
(4) Volunteer at tribal fund raisers:
  Pacific County Fair (4 days in August), Ilwaco Dinner and Art Auction (2nd Saturday in November), Bay Center Days (July)
(5) Attend and Volunteer at Tribal meetings. (2nd Saturday of each month, except in June)
(6) Volunteer and participate in Parades.
  Loyalty Day Parade in Long Beach in May, Astoria Regatta Parade in August, Labor Day Parade in South Bend in Sept.
(7) Tribal office volunteering:
  All work must be prearranged with the Administrative Assistant to the Council and be agreed to by both parties. Contact the tribal office Phone: 1-360-875-6670 - Email the Office
    (A) Mow lawns
    (B) Clean flowerbeds
    (C) Wash windows
    (D) Painting
    (E) Office help or office special projects
(8) Independent Projects:
  Students are encouraged to be flexible and creative in promoting the Chinook Indian Nation. Consider giving a speech about your tribe, writing a class paper, or write a newspaper article or Letter to the Editor. Students are encouraged to participate in your school’s Native American Program. Consider standing up for Native American Rights. Consider Native American art projects.

If you want to take advantage of this scholarship, you must find a way to do volunteer work for your tribe. Students must submit the current application form from this site. Please remember that the form must be complete and be postmarked by April 5th. Students will be notified of final award consideration, however, Frisbie Scholarships will only be awarded to applicants who attend the Annual Chinook Indian Nation meeting held on the third Saturday in June. If you cannot attend this meeting, you must contact the tribal office (1-360-875-6670) before the Annual Meeting and make other arrangements to accept your scholarship.

Download the Frisbie Application

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