Tony Johnson - Chairman

Birthplace: South Bend, WA
Current Residence: Willapa Bay, WA
Current Family Information:
Wife Mechele and five children Mary, Sam, Tahoma, Ferrill and Maybelle.
Family Descendency: Pickernell and Ero families.
Education: Art and Anthropology. University of Washington and Central Washington University
Employment Information and Location: Education Director Shoalwaterbay Indian Tribe
Hobbies: I am driven by the art and lifeways of our ancestors. My family and I devote our time to these traditions. I am a founding member of our canoe family and serve as a skipper with the group. I continue to practice art and to teach language.
Chinook Committee Involvement: Cultural Committee, Enrollment Committee
Year First Elected: 2014
Goals While on the Council: I have had the benefit of many great teachers. These Chinook elders shared experiences, stories, teachings and opinions with me that I want to see carry forward.
Additional Personal Information:

Chinookan stlye man