Councilman Jeremy WekellJeremy Wekell - Position #6

Birthplace: Tacoma ,WA
Current Residence: Tacoma, WA
Current Family Information:
Family Descendency: Pickernell
Education:Northwest Indian College
Employment Information and Location: Al'Ta Counseling & Testing. I am the founder of the agency. Our primary focus is on US DOT compliance with drug and alcohol policy. In addition we assist people with accessing drug and alcohol treatment.
Durwood Properties- I have a small apartment building, I like providing a nice home for my tenants.
Hobbies: Tribal activities are one of my favorite hobbies. I really enjoy 1st salmon & the story gathering. In addition I enjoy most outdoor activities, including hiking camping and canoing (both Tribal canoing and hobby canoeing. Lately I have been really involved with remodeling projects, I find them fun & challenging.
Chinook Committee Involvement:
Health & Social Services since 2005
Tribal Lands Committee, which I formed in 2011
First Year Elected to Council: 2011
Goals While on Council: My ultimate goal is the restoration of federal recognition of the Chinook people. With restoration I would like to see a priority placed on healthcare and education.
Additional Personal Information:I like to be open and available for people to contact me. If you have anything to discuss, please email me:

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