Chinook Councilman Gary JohnsonGary Johnson Position #8

Birthplace: South Bend, Washington
Current Residence:
South Bend, Washington
Family Information:
Wife: Cristy, Son: K.C. Johnson, wife Kristeen, children, Elizabeth & A.J. Son: Tony, wife Mechelle, children, Mary, Sam, Tahoma, Ferrill, & Maybelle
Family Descendency:
Pickernell / Ero (Herioux)
MA Education
Employment Information and Location: Retired. 41 years Educational Counselor & Football/Basketball coaching. South Bend/Bay Center Indian Education Director
Gardening, Sports,& Paddle making
Chinook Committee Involvement:
Culture Committee since 1994
Year First Elected:
Goals While on the Council: Unity, Tribal recognition, Tribal Financial security, Building a stronger Tribal community, & Cultural Education
Additional Personal Information: Canoe Family Member

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