Alvina Frisbie Scholarship Committee

Alvina Frisbie Scholarship for Chinook studentsBefore her passing Alvina Frisbie wanted to do something for our Chinook people. Even though she lived in Portland and had not attended many meetings over the years she knew she was Chinook and felt that bond. Alvina decided she wanted to do something that would better the lives of our Chinook People and set up and endowment with U.S.Bank for educational scholarships.

Thanks to Alvina we have award over eighty scholarships worth over $200,000. With these scholarships many of our people have obtained their dreams and bettered their way of life. We can hope that out of this education we will see up and coming committee members and possibly future council members.

We raise our hands in thanks to Alvina Frisbie!

Committee Members:
Gary Johnson, Marybeth Kramer, Angie Little, Sam Robinson and Joan Wekell

Application Information

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