Enrollment Committee

To be eligible for enrollment with the Chinook Indian Nation you must have established documentation that you are a descendant of ancestors listed on at least one of the following:

McChesney Roll*
Roeblin Roll**
Annuity Payment Roll of 1914***

When a completed application is submitted the Enrollment Committee checks the research and determines whether the applicant is eligible for enrollment and if so the Enrollment Committee presents the application to the Tribal Council for final enrollment into the Tribe. All applicants seeking to be enrolled in the Chinook Indian Nation must attend a Chinook Tribal Council or General Assembly meeting to claim their enrollment. The Chinook Indian Nation will maintain a rolling list of applicants whom have met the enrollment criteria. Applicants will remain on the list of eligible enrollees until they attend the meeting to claim enrollment and are officially enrolled by motion of Chinook Tribal Council or General Council. Parents or guardians may claim enrollment for minors under the age of 18.

Just for your assurance regarding enrollment records… the Enrollment Officer and Office Staff maintain all the enrollment files in a computer database as well as the original applications and research in fire safe locking files in the Tribal Office. All office staff must sign confidentiality agreements before they work with enrollment files. Enrollment Application.

* In 1906 Indian Agent Charles McChesney conducted a survey of Indians in Washington and Oregon
** In 1919 Indian Agent Charles Roblin created a list or schedule of unenrolled Indians in Western Washington who could trace their ancestry to treaty tribes. These people are people who were not listed in MCChesney's
*** Annuity Payment Roll of 1914 a list of Chinook people who received Annuity payments in 1914

Committee Members:
Chair Gina Rife
Jessica Lorton
Jody Abing
Tammy Davies
Tony Johnson
Christine McClure

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